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March 07 2015

Cepu wrecker Degea just flew up again, so as to retain the last vestiges of the game suspense. It can be said that although tying goal was scored by Blinder, but the team got  womens nike air max 1  a point is almost single-handedly Degea to spell out. If Natan dubbed the "Five Brothers" if Natan has been dubbed the "Five Brothers" in the first half, Real Madrid only 1 shot (to be blocked). The second half, replaced Hedi Hesse. The first 55 minutes, Bell knocked Man Zhu Keech, would like to put the ball beneath their feet tick from Man Chu

 almost lead to conflict (Click for video). 4 minutes later, Carvajal thigh stopping mistakes, restricted the right of Gerry Postman 13 meters away from the door volley was blocked out Casillas. Atletico then thrown into the left sideline ball, Saul header ferry, Gelieziman 7 meters in front of left foot barbed    cheap nike air max 95 higher (Click for video). The first 63 minutes, Juanfran right pass, Tiago 7 meters in front of the top of the bomb was to get Casey Earth. Real Madrid side    nike air max 90 essential womens   Hal said: "We could not achieve the desired height must congratulate their opponents played better we could not win...
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