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March 07 2015

  The first 63 minutes, Juanfran right pass, Tiago 7 meters in front of the top of the bomb was to get Casey Earth. Real Madrid side   saucony jazz original uk     Hal said: "We could not achieve the desired height must congratulate their opponents played better we could not win...

Must apologize to the fans. We must think of to improve and maintain the advantage in the standings. We are a leader, you must stick to it. "As one of Europe's best midfield maestro, Andrea Pirlo left us too many good memories of the Champions League, he represented the Inter, Milan and Juventus took part in 130 games in the Champions League, and with the Rossoneri in 2003 and Shengbolaide won the Cup twice in 2007, according to the "Daily Mail" reported, Pirlo elect their own minds Champions League eleven strongest array, let's look at   saucony shadow original uk    exactly who in court . The Italian midfielder impressed artist Roma coach Garcia disciple does not think too long truce: "doctor saw his injury, and should not be serious, but we really have to be careful of his knee. Manchester Luhrmann suffered a knee injury
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